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    Rangers show raised railings with beveled top


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    Rangers show raised railings with beveled top Empty Rangers show raised railings with beveled top

    Post  xiaojin on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:08 am

    ARLINGTON, Texas (AP)—The new raised railings at Rangers Ballpark have beveled tops and lean slightly inward, making it safer for fans in front-row seats throughout the stadium.

    Rangers officials showed off one of the first sections of new protective railing Thursday during a tour of renovations at the stadium.

    The team announced plans to make all front-row railings 42 inches high after the July death of Texas firefighter Shannon Stone, who fell about 20 feet after reaching out to grab a ball tossed his way by Rangcheap jerseyers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

    Some rails will have to be raised as much as a foot. The higher railings include thinner rod-like material to avoid adversely affecting sight lines.

    “We accomplished what we wanted to accomplish,” Rangers executive vice president Rob Matwick. “We got the structural integrity that we were looking for.”
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    The $1.1 million project to replace the railings is on schedule to be completed before the season opener April 6, as are $12 million in stadium upgrades that included a reconfigure visitors bullpen and new concession and bar areas in the center field plaza.

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