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    GPRS problem in Real6410


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    GPRS problem in Real6410 Empty GPRS problem in Real6410

    Post  bskumar7080 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:59 pm

    Hi all,
    I got s3c6410 Arm development Board. It has been ported with Android 2.3.
    This board has SIM300 GSM modem.When i tried to connect to internet through
    GPRS i found APN was missing.
    By searching through internet i added APN settings manually.
    I got the symbol G with arrows up down in the notification area.
    But when i opened the browser i am not able to browse the websites.
    I checked the netcfg in the adb shell
    *# netcfg*
    *lo UP 0x00000049*
    *eth0 DOWN 0x00001002*
    I found i am not getting the ip in it.
    I was able to make and receive calls through GSM modem.
    The GPRS connects in the same board when i am using embedded linux with AT
    When i see the logcat -b radio
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] Connecting to carrier: 'gprs'
    APN: 'www' proxy: '' port: '*
    *D/RILJ ( 2143): [0077]> SETUP_DATA_CALL 1 0 www 3*
    *D/RILJ ( 2143): [0077]< SETUP_DATA_CALL {1, gprs}*
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] DcActivatingState
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] DataConnection setup
    result='SUCCESS' on cid=1*
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] DcInactiveState:
    setEnterNoticationParams cp,cause*
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] DcActiveState: enter
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [GsmDataConnection-1] notifyConnection at 1340992990513
    cause=No Error*
    *D/GSM ( 2143): [DataConnection] Start poll NetStat*
    *D/RILJ ( 2143): [0078]> SIGNAL_STRENGTH*
    *D/RILJ ( 2143): [0078]< SIGNAL_STRENGTH {17, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}*

    I need guidance in debugging this issue.

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